Angela GrovesAlumni writes children’s book

Youth to Leaders alumni Corey Emanuel didn't know exactly how he would utilize his master's degree in Communication and Education from Columbia University Teachers College when he graduated in 2012 in the midst of a tough economy, but deciding to dust off a children's book he wrote in fall of 2008 seemed to be the best place to start.

Corey wanted to use his degree to infuse entertainment with "teachable moments", a craft he says Bill Cosby perfected during the 80's and 90's with the hit series, The Cosby Show. But instead, he took another lesson from Cosby and decided to write a book for kids. Having interned in the editorial department of CNN's In America with Soledad O'Brien as a graduate student, Corey says he gained the confidence to revisit and edit a book he had written in 2008 on the cuff of President Barack Obama's election as the 44th United States President.

"I remember it like it was yesterday." Corey told the Post. "I had just moved to New York City and was sitting on the floor inside my tiny studio apartment in Chelsea. The moment the results were in, people outside on the streets started cheering. I felt their energy. I shared their excitement. I knew I had to do something to hang on to this special moment in history."

In just a few short days, Corey had written Can I Be President, Too?,a book geared toward kids ages 6-9. "My intention was to write a story that would provide a history lesson as well as motivate kids to explore a career that perhaps feels out of reach." Corey told the post. "This is the first of many children's book that will explore careers as they relate to prominent history makers." says Corey.

Can I Be President, Too? is now available online through the publisher, Mascot Books, who also brought you Bo, America's Commander in Leash at, and The book is also available as an eBook on

"This experience has helped me realize my purpose," Corey said. "I know now that I am supposed to empower kids and adults to live the life they've imagined through multimedia platforms.”

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